Poem: At the Advent of Peace

Author: Pastor Noah Toney

This week Redemption Church looks forward to the Second Coming of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Our world is inculcated with conflict and strife, but when Jesus returns, all wrongs will be made right, and He will put an end to all struggling and strife.  This poem is a meditation of that great day.



At the advent of peace, the wicked shall fall

All oppressors merciless, without hope shall bawl

The murders violent, shall be vanquished 

The great serpent watches, bound in anguish


At the advent of peace all strife shall end

For the tired, and weary, new beginnings begin. 

Mighty men’s armies will be demolished

When the Mighty One returns, enmity abolished


At the advent of peace the King will return

All creation cries out, no longer to yearn

New people, new cities, break forth with one voice

Worthy is the King Jesus, your people rejoice.